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May 24 2022 Program:

Enslavement to Enlistment:  Profiles of the Men of the 58th Infantry, U.S. Colored Troops presented by Jeff Mansell

gallery mansell 05.24.22.jpg

September 27 2022 Program:

Please Don't Tear It Down--22 Years of the 10 Most Endangered Historical Places in Mississippi presented by Lolly Rash


October 25 2022 Program:

The Jewish History of Mississippi presented by Dr. Stuart Rockoff

gallery Stuart Rockoff.jpeg

November 28 2022 Program:

Hernando De Soto and the First European Contact With the Mississippian Civilization of the Lower Mississippi Valley presented by Dr. Max Grivno

gallery Dr. Grivno .jpg

Jan. 26, 2023 Annual Dinner: John James Audubon in Natchez presented by Danny Heitman

Feburary 28 2023 Program:

The Road to 'A Raisin in  the Sun':  The Link Between the Hansberry Family of Gloster, Mississippi, and Alcorn A&M Collegepresented by Dr. J. Janice Coleman

gallery janice coleman.jpg

March 28, 2023 Program:

Mississippi's Museum of Art's Upcoming 2023 Solo Show featuring the recent work of artist Noah Satterstrom presented by Dr. Megan Hines

gallery Megan Hines.jpg

April 25 2023 Program:

An Early 20th Century Team of Natchez Trailblazers, Ethel Clagget and Mabel Porter presented by Judy Wiggins

May 23, 2023 Program:

Natchez Massacre and Ground Zero for Slavery presented by Jessica Crawford

gallery nelson.jpg

Sept. 26, 2023 program:

Murder on Pretty Creek - Stunning Revelations on an

Old Case presented by Stanley Nelson

gallery nelson3.jpg
gallery nelson2.jpg
gallery miller.jpg

Oct 24, 2023 program:

The mysteries of naturalist, John J Audubon’s landscape painting of Natchez, presented by Mimi Miller

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